Friday, May 28, 2010

Madonna - is human!!

check this out....
The queen is human after all...
And we have the pics to proove it!!!
Thank God for Photoshop Miss Madonna, WE loooove it too!
She still looks great!!
And her body is to die for!!!

Have a good weekend!!!
am going out for a run and yoga

The Naked Diary Photo Project

Last week we went to check out a photo exhibition called The Naked Diary Photo Project:
13 photos portraying royal Danish ballet dancers naked in an everyday situation doing everyday things: Eating in the canteen, doing makeup, getting dressed and undressed etc. Art directed by Cecilie Lassen.
There is just something about dancers!!!
....and their perfect well trained bodies and elegant posture !
We love them!!
They are also waaaayyy better models than fashion models!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to know more about the photographer, here you go:
Noam Griegst: Art and fashion photographer Noam Griegst lives in Copenhagen and Paris, where he has recently joined the Paris-based production company Advanced Room.In addition to his efforts as a photographer, Noam Griegst has started directing fashion films – among these the trilogy ”The Copenhagen Experience” for Mads Nørgaard – Noam Griegst has published his first two books Still Going Life and Still Going Life Color both sold in Collette in Paris. The books portraits a picture a day over a year.Together with designer Sara Sachs and painter Tal R. – one of the three founders of the fashion/art collective Moonspoon Saloon founded in 2007Finally Noam Griegst has done jobs for Vmagazine, Dazed and Confused, Saga Furs, 16×, Gravure Magazine og l’Uomo

Thursday, May 27, 2010

P.M. loves Their talented friends!

Ann-Louise Salomonsen, a very good friend of Purple Masturbation did this lovely illustration/portrait of Eva and her famous tits!!
We love love love it!!!
How much do you??

Colored Ciiiigs...

...Anybody know where we can find colored cigarettes in Copenhagen??
...or does anybody not living here wanna buy us a pack??

Sunday the 6'th of June....

We're taking pictures of 3 very cute sisters, we're gonna do something cool and different and we can't wait....
Are you excited??

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

love it!

This is my favourite Madonna pic EVER!!!
I want it in a big big frame on my biggest wall... when I get a big big apartment!!

Spring Detox!

I'm so sick of myself these days, so I decided to go on a bit of a detox!
Until my mom comes this weekend... it's no meat (not so hard, I'm a vegetarian) and no white stuff... basically only vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds...
I know I have to relax on the detox when my mom comes to visit for five days, but after that it is just VEGAN living, detox and training for the 1/2 marathon until I go to NYC and let loose!!!
...But am gonna try to be as vegan as possible from now on :)
wish me luck, I will keep you updated!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Friday...

..There was a Proposition Party in New York, where P.M.F clothing had the pre-release of fall 2010 collection and gave out free gift bags, check it here:
If you didn't know.. (You should know) Purple Masturbation did the photo shoot for the fall 2010 collection, image and look book, along with miss Kristy Crowley, who is the owner of the label.
Kristy was super sweet and sent us a few pics of our 15 seconds of fame in N.Y.C... Where our pics were shown all over the walls!

We are ohh soo proud! and ohh soo sad to have missed out on one hell of a party!!
....But we will see you soon New York, in a month!!!
.....And we have already loads of photo shoots and some modeling business on the schedule!

Check This Out!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

NYC day 4 and 5...

Here are the last two days in NYC..
I guess we were HUNGRY!
Those days we spent in Williamsburg/Brooklyn, doing a bit of:
vintage shopping, lunch at Surf Bar, Market, looking at (dreaming about) sneakers and listening to Amber (Kristys good friend) play at this cool bar.. she's really good, you should all check her out here:
We also went to LES...
checked out Stilletto on a Sunday and had dinner with friends...
The last day we mainly spent at the Key West Diner which is Kristys local diner and did some last minute shopping :)
I needed M&M's, Twizzlers, Vitamins and Body Sprays... They don't have that shit in Europe :)
..Can't wait to go back to NYC, on the 24'th of June!!
Me and Ingibjörg... Purple Masturbation in NYC
gonna be FUN FUN FUN!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lisette Model

I discovered this great photographer Lisette Model when i was in Paris. Went to an exhibition at Jeu de paume so if you are in Paris go check it out!! She was an American photographer and her pictures are sooo fascinating.

Last weekend we did a little photoshoot with our friend Björt (Fura), sooo much fun! She is a great upcoming artist - CHECK her music out here. Stay tuned for pictures from that photoshoot... later...


Thursday, May 13, 2010


rainbow twizzlers

American School

Boring ass day.... no day in NYC is boring!

lower east side seen from a window

My new vintage shirt matched the new graffiti

NYC Roof Top Party

NYC from a rooftop

NYC sunset

bar on the lower east side

me documenting my days

bathroom in a bar

American Candy

I <3 NY too

Brunch at Freeman's Alley

Freeman's Alley

Lower East Side

The Patricia Field Store

Dirty Jer-z

War Forever

Where's your Pussy..?