Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reykjavík is here!!!!

Finally...! Here is the Reykjavík Skyline necklace from AvA, this is by far the most popular Ava necklace.... probably because most of my facebook friends are Icelandic... and that is almost the only place I've been promoting them so far...

But just wait.. This is gonna be the next big thing! I'm sure ;) all around the fuc.... world !!!

There is also a new necklace, it is the first one of the Dead Animals series...

the "Dead Bambi" ...morbid but cute, like one of my twitter followers said and I think describes these series perfectly...!!

Keep in mind that these are all just samples, the real thing is available next week!! for only 290 DKK... you can have that prize in any currancy and we ship world wide :)


I am!
ofcourse are all these photos taken by the sexy Ingibjörg!!
We had an amazing photo shoot today, Ingibjörg took some really beautifull pictures... if you want to see the first two check her flickr:
Nightie night people
AvA P.M.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Irving Penn & Man Ray

Inspiration for next photoshoot!

Stay tuned! :-)

Friday, October 23, 2009


...we went to samsøe samsøe store opening, it was really nice :) We had some champagne and beer and finger food, since I'm a vegetarian I only had 3 pieces of sushi.... so today I'm really really really hung over :( poor me! ....I'm trying to get some work done, but it is kind of hard....!!!!

The store was really cool and they had loads of pretty pretty things! ...not only clothing, but books and cosmetics as well!!

If you are in Copenhagen, you should definitely check it out!!

I was wearing my Billy Jean sweat from AvA, if you want one for yourself, contact me ;) and if you want to see some inspirational pics of all the stylish people that were there, check this site out:


Eva aka AvA

AvA Ballerina Bag

2 weeks ago, we had a fab photoshoot at Gefarlich in Copenhagen, we will post some pics here on the blog soon, but until we do you can check out ITorfas Flickr:

we took some photos of me and Thóra with the AvA Ballerina Bag...
I love it!!
It is different and biiig! loads of space for all my shit!!
what do you think?

The Ballerina bag is a handmade bag, made out of dry cotton and tulle, the lining is white!
Every bag is special and limited edition, since I'm doing this by hand ;)
I take colour requests, but all design details in the front pattern are a surprice and you have to just count on me :)
the price is 800 dkk, but the price can vary depending on the design and details...


AvA Skylines

AvA Skyline necklaces are available very very very soon!!

There will be Reykjavík, Copenhagen, London, NYC, Paris and Berlin:)

Now which one do you want??

The pics are just a little teaser with the proto type :)

Eva wears Berlin and Thóra wears London....

They will be in darker mahogny, with a silver detail... hopefully there will be something finished and ready next week....

Tell me what you think???

...more pics soon :)


AvA+ITorfa=Purple Masturbation

...just finished some AvA styles, so ITorfa took some pics :)
What do you think?
Everything is for sale, just mail me or comment :)
..or check it out on facebook
no1. style:
"white horse"
AvA handmade turtleneck, there will be only this one!! size S, price 450 dkkmade in cotton and tulle
no 2. style:
AvA handmade and handpainted tank dress, there will be only this one!! size XS, price 390 dkkmade in cotton and tulle
no3. style:
"Gold Lion"
AvA handmade sweat, very limited edition!! size S/M, price 690 dkk made in velour and tulle
no4. style:
"Billy Jean"
AvA handmade sweat, very limited edition!! size S, price 690 dkkmade in a see through nylon and nylon fringes
no5. style:
AvA handmade sweat, very limited edition!! size XS, price 690 dkkmade in velour and nylon fringes
no6. style:
AvA handmade sweat, very limited edition!! size M, price 690 dkkmade in a see through nylon, tulle and nylon fringes
no7. style:
"Karen O"
AvA handmade jumpsuit, there will only be this one!! size XS, price 690 dkkmade in velour and tulle