Friday, May 28, 2010

The Naked Diary Photo Project

Last week we went to check out a photo exhibition called The Naked Diary Photo Project:
13 photos portraying royal Danish ballet dancers naked in an everyday situation doing everyday things: Eating in the canteen, doing makeup, getting dressed and undressed etc. Art directed by Cecilie Lassen.
There is just something about dancers!!!
....and their perfect well trained bodies and elegant posture !
We love them!!
They are also waaaayyy better models than fashion models!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to know more about the photographer, here you go:
Noam Griegst: Art and fashion photographer Noam Griegst lives in Copenhagen and Paris, where he has recently joined the Paris-based production company Advanced Room.In addition to his efforts as a photographer, Noam Griegst has started directing fashion films – among these the trilogy ”The Copenhagen Experience” for Mads Nørgaard – Noam Griegst has published his first two books Still Going Life and Still Going Life Color both sold in Collette in Paris. The books portraits a picture a day over a year.Together with designer Sara Sachs and painter Tal R. – one of the three founders of the fashion/art collective Moonspoon Saloon founded in 2007Finally Noam Griegst has done jobs for Vmagazine, Dazed and Confused, Saga Furs, 16×, Gravure Magazine og l’Uomo

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