Monday, August 30, 2010


Lea T is this season campaign model for Givenchy and the rising star of the model agency Woman...

Lea is gorgeous, cool, androgynous and super edgy!

Lea is a Trannie..

I love that the fashion industry is welcoming a bigger variety of people!

Look out for Lea...


Nail Art

This is how I did my nails for fashion week...
One of this seasons (and last) biggest trends: Leopard.. in grey, black and gold
What do you think?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

love love love Alexander Wang..

This last season Alexander Wang bag was on major sale in Hong Kong..
I love love love it!
Both practical and super sexy


Right now I would kill for an Icelandic lobster soup (Humarsúpa) and Malt at Sægreifinn in the Fish packing district in Reykjavík...
mmm.. the best!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Tune..

This is what I listened to all morning...
Happy Saturday.. I hope you're not feeling too hung over..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall Cravings...

Accessories are clearly the new purple,
when you are wearing or carrying accessories like this you do not need to wear anything at all.. at least nothing more than jeans and a tee!
These are the ONLY things that I'm craving and needing this fall...!
You can clearly see my LOVE for Acne and Alexander Wang by looking at my wishlist.. So make sure to stay updated on my request for these lovely items

Friday Tunes...

Words can not describe how much we love these trentemøller remixes!!!
and the new "film noir" video for "Even though you're with another girl" is fab!
Happy Friday

Flea Market

If you're not doing anything this Saturday you should check out Covers Luxury Flea Market! It's in the "meat packing district" or Kødbyen at Slagtehusgade 12, from 12-20.
You will be spending your money for a good cause, because everything goes to the danish Red Cross

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chanel Nailpolish

We are both rarely seen without well polished nails (in some funky colors) and I actually think there is more nailpolish in my refridgerator than food!! So obviously we can't wait to get our hands on this seasons new colors from Chanel....
I'm absolutely loosing it over the "Les Khakis de Chanel" line, the colors are PERFECT for this years fall fashion, fits well with all the earthy tones and camouflage.
Well I'm not the only one, because apparently it was "all the fuss" at Paris Fashion week.. So I guess people are gonna go crazy when these shades come out and rip them off the shelves..
I actually just bought an army green nailpolish from American Apparell (To go with my army green Acne boots that I'm obsessing about and all my ENVII camouflage outfits) ...But I like the Chanel Khaki Vert better because it is a bit "dusty in the shade"
Chanel hasn't published when "Les Khakis de Chanel" are in stores here in Copenhagen, but internationally they will be out on the 20'th of September... I can't wait!!
But to make the waiting a bit more fun, and a bit more colorful you should check out the other two colors from Chanel that are also a part of the fall collection and are available in stores NOW!
It's a relaunch of the Jade Rose that we all know and love and was a part of last falls Jade collection and then a brand new color called Paradox..
Paradox looks like the perfect "out on the town" nailpolish, it's PURPLE, our favourite color, but not any purple... it's like the perfect cocktail of purple, brown, grey and blue!
Well I'm excited to see it LIVE and see if it is just as cool as I imagine...
They should've called it Purple Masturbation..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When the sun was still shining...

Purple Masturbation was at the outdoor gay and lesbian film festival this summer,
the movie was boring, the weather was warm and we drank loads of drinks with our fab friends that are sooo good at promoting us...
PM that misses the SUN

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kate Moss in VOGUE UK - Sept. 2010

Kate Moss always looks STUNNING but that last image (here) in this shoot is one of my favourite picture of her ever! So beautiful!
The Photographer is Patrick Demarchelier, see more of his work HERE
The GREAT thing about this editorial is that miss Moss styled everything herself, she got to play with this seasons hottest trends and the outcome was really cool!! ...which is not a big surprice, cause this girl doesn't only have awesome tits but also has some serious style...


We had an amazing Pride weekend, pictures will come up ASAP

Sunday, August 22, 2010

LOMO Fisheye

Some random fisheye photos I took in Denmark and New York




Alot of people have been sending us mails about our analouge pictures and which camere we use. That is simple - Lomo cameras. We love everything about lomography. We have 3 cameras, Fisheye, Diana and Holga and we have also been using their single-use cameras with colored flash. The pictures from these cameras are amazing, you should try it. They have loads of other cameras too and accesories to every camera - check their website out HERE

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Colored Cigs

Remember when we really needed colored cigarettes??? now we have ALOT of them :) We found Nat Shermans cigs in New York and we got Black Devil and Pink Elephant from our good friends bought in Switzerland... So in September we will do a awesome photoshoot with those cigarettes, we are really looking forward to it! Stay tuned


Friday, August 20, 2010

Jónsi at Vega

...we should probably blog about fashion week, but the Jónsi concerts last tuesday at Vega were soooo amazing that no fashion week will ever beat that!
We can't describe it in words, you just had to be there!!
But luckily we took loads of pictures and pictures are worth more than thousand words....