Thursday, July 22, 2010

Polaroid goes GaGa

We love Lady Gaga and we love love love Polaroid, we are peeing our pants over this Gaga-Polaroid colaboration!!
In december 2008 we got a bit of a nervous breakdown (and we actually shed quite a few tears) when we heard that the last Polaroid film fabric was about to shut down!!!
We remember the day that Ingibjörg told Eva those horrible news, Eva hadn't heard anything about it and was actually looking through every thrift store in Århus trying to find her own, perfect, vintage polaroid camera..... but in anger at those stupid Polaroid people she gave up the hunt!!!
Well, some people, greater than us, actually protestet and after a loooong protest and probably loads of angry e-mails!! Finally Polaroid started to produce the films again.... and better than that, soon a new nostalgic vintage-design camera with a wooden finish will arrive in stores... hopefully near us...!!
...and, wait.. we are not finished!!! Who else but miss LADY Gaga, the new creative leader behind POLAROID PIC 1000, is ""ofcourse"" the mastermind behind these wonderful new designs, ...making polaroid just a little bit cooler and waaaay more crazy!!! and certainly more GAGA!!!
We are very excited about this and we can't wait to see more from the creative minds of Gaga/polaroid
Do you love this??
if you want to know more, check it HERE

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