Monday, September 13, 2010

We need this book!!!!!

Madonna was sooo fucking cool in the 90's...
I mean she's still awesome, but back then she was so ground breaking!!
Homosexuality, lesbianism, and fetishes were all BIG taboos back then!!!
...........Now it's a bit more acceptable (a part from Farrow Island uhumm..)
In some ways, Madonna was a pioneer, and that's why she deserves credit for being the most outrageous, daring woman of the 20th century!!!

We need need need her Sex book, that is unfortunately out of print now, but if you spot one at some random book store please keep us in mind!! This book was one of the 1990's greatest hypes...... I mean where else can you see awesome pics by Stiven Meisel of Madonna bringing it on Miami Beach with Vanilla Ice NAKED, or see her making out with Isabella Rossellini and Naomi Campbell?

Hotness in two sheets of metal (the original binding) that's what it is!!
And we want it!
woopti for miss M for being sooo open and cool!

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ERM said...

I found several copies of the Sex book on E-bay if you are still looking for it :)