Sunday, December 5, 2010

Patrick Demarchelier

Patrick Demarchelier Photographer was born in Paris in 1943.
In 1975 he left Paris and moved to New York without speaking a single word in English.
He learned English on the street and by watching TV. 
In 1989 he became the official photographer of Princess Diana (by her request).
In 1992 he started working for Vogue magazine and Harper’s Bazaar (Hearst Publications) which resulted in a 12-year collaboration.

Now he is one of the famous fashion photographers in the world

See more of his amazing art HERE



Jóhanna S. Hannesdóttir said...

Ohhh vá, FALLEGAR MYNDIR!!! Myndin af konunni í vatninu er sjúklega flott!!!


I know! hann er alveg á topplistanum þessi