Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Annie Leibovitz Photographer

Just watched documentary about Annie Leibovitz -Life through a lens- and I loved it!
If you haven´t seen it you should.

Anna-Lou "Annie" Leibovitz was born October 2, 1949. She is a mother of three children. At the age of 51, she had her daughter, Sarah. In 2005, her twin daughters, Susan and Samuelle, were born with the help of a surrogate mother.

She was the staff photographer for Rolling Stone magazine, starting there only 21 years old. Two years later, Leibovitz was chief photographer for the magazine, a position she would hold for 10 years.
 She also followed Rolling Stones in San Francisco in 1971 and 1972, and served as the concert-tour photographer for Rolling Stones Tour of America in 1975. She says in the documentary:

 ,,Imagine everything you could possibly do on a tour with Rolling Stones, I did it."

Her famous picture of all (at least in my opinion) is of Yoko Ono and John Lennon on the cover of Rolling Stone. The picture isn't only brilliant but she was the last person to professionally photograph Lennon—he was shot and killed five hours later.
After working for Rolling Stone Magazine for 13 years in drug culture she went to rehab and started working for Vanity Fair in 1983.
Working for such an amazing magazines she has probably photographed almost every single celebrity in the world and my god her pictures are just amazing.

You should watch -Life through a lens- it's really inspiring.


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