Tuesday, March 9, 2010

last week....

Last week was sooo crazy...!
We went to the Florence and the Machine concerts, La Roux concerts, Fm Belfast and Retro Stefson concerts,
....and we also went to the PMF fashion show and had a photo shoot for PMF A/W collection..
So much fun!!
The pictures turned out great and Ingibjörg is working on them as we speak ( CAN'T WAIT to show you)... we also have loads of fun pix and videos from the concerts etc... that we will post ASAP!!!!
But until then, see what Ingibjörg gave me!!!!!

YES!!! LA ROUX RING!!!! IT IS OFFICIAL, WE ARE ENGAGED!! hahaha... just kidding!!!

hellooo hooootness!!!

...OK, we have loads of work to do!!! I am going to Hong Kong next week and Ingibjörg is going to Reykjavík the week after that!!!
...but before that we are having a photo shoot for our good friend Kasper who is starting a new business called AvA Vintage Auctions, suuuper cool!!
I will be in charge of styling, Ingibjörg will take the pictures, we will have 3 hot models and 40 pieces of gorgeous vintage styles :)
It's gonna be fun fun fun!!!

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sælar, voruð þið ekki að selja svona skyline necklace?