Thursday, March 4, 2010

Purple Masturbation & PMF

Purple Masturbations good friend Kristy Crowley is a designer from New York and owns this cool little fashion brand (for cool women with attitude) called Pardon My French, she makes sexy tees and hotness leggings which we are absolutely crazy about!!
We’ve been helping her a little bit with her last fashion shows…. (basically just flashing Eva’s tits for promotion and then Ingibjörg has been taking pictures!)
And this Sunday we are having a photo shoot for her fall 2010 collection,
The photo shoot is going to be out of this world seeeexy, so you better be excited!!!!
Here are some pix from the last shows, and if you are interested in seeing some more of this craziness (I know you all are), you should check out the next show on the 23rd of march at BLUS/Studenterhuset!!

These pix are from the first show at VELA, taken by our very good friend, fab photographer and fellow icelander Stefan Steinn.
As you can see, the crowd was going crazy!! and Eva and Soffia (the other extremely hot model) were in the parteyhey mode

These pix are from the fashion show last monday, a bit more tasteful this time... hahaha... and Ida looked amazing in the PMF stuff and rocked the show!!!

Here you can see how PRO and SERIOUS we are!!!!

and Eva looking very proud with her new DIANA camera, taking the best "mood pix" ever that we will post ASAP!!!
You should check out Kristy's blog and website!!!
aaaaand buy a T-SHIRT!!!
see you

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Valdís Klara said...

ég er að segja ykkur það, þið eruð LANGflottasta duo-ið!! alveg EINSTAKLEGA hæfileikaríkar og töff!