Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Shoes...

This is the Pierre Hardy for GAP Summer 2010 shoe collection.
It is perfect for hot summer days, without being too “Summer vacation on the beach”
Here in Scandinavia we aren’t experiencing loads of these hot summer days, but I have to do my best to throw some good karma out there to the universe!! ..I mean if the shoes are there, maybe the summer will be there too!!
The collection features three different pairs of wedges in nude, denim, and a lace-up, VERY affordable, priced from $98 to $110.
I personally love the nude platform wedges! They look pretty comfortable too!! Which is kind of what I’m looking for these days; comfortable heels that I can run around in, that MATCH with my more summery things… without being too “Beach Barbie” (sorry, I find the summer season to be the most difficult season in fashion)
Well, summer or no summer, nude colored shoes are just the best!!! Especially when you are a midget with short legs like me!

So I guess I’m off to GAP, NYC
(maybe I can make out in the changing room like Carrie… or was that Banana Republic?? Well something classy like that)

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