Thursday, June 10, 2010 survive this summer!

THIS is what I HAVE to have this summer!!!

....The Alexander Wang sunglasses are obviously number ONE!!

Next CLOGS CLOGS CLOGS! I wouldn't mind the real deal from Chanel, but unfortunatly I'm too poor! So have to settle with clogs from Zara, that are amazing too :) ..I like these better then the black ones that are on every fashion blog in the world!!! ...although they are maybe more practical ;)

(... I'm also still dreaming about this summers MIU MIU clogs, even though I haven't posted a pic.. maybe, just maybe!)

Then ofcourse the perfect summer HAT!! I found one in the men's department at H&M the other day, that I'm gonna decorate with different scarfs, feathers, flowers and fabrics... I'm still on the look out for this summers cool hats from Weekday, but they seem to be sold out!!! Still hoping though!!

Last... but not least.. THE one and only YSL ring, how can you survive without that one I ask??

.... it will look perfect with my sunkissed skin, if we will ever get any sunshine this summer!!!

But I don't care, this ring will look good with everything even my gray pale winter skin




if you have that weekday hat I'm talking about and you wanna sell it... contact moi :)


look at how hot my girlfriend miss Beha looks in her Wangs...


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