Friday, October 23, 2009


...we went to samsøe samsøe store opening, it was really nice :) We had some champagne and beer and finger food, since I'm a vegetarian I only had 3 pieces of sushi.... so today I'm really really really hung over :( poor me! ....I'm trying to get some work done, but it is kind of hard....!!!!

The store was really cool and they had loads of pretty pretty things! ...not only clothing, but books and cosmetics as well!!

If you are in Copenhagen, you should definitely check it out!!

I was wearing my Billy Jean sweat from AvA, if you want one for yourself, contact me ;) and if you want to see some inspirational pics of all the stylish people that were there, check this site out:


Eva aka AvA


Valdís Klara said...

mér finnst þið vera svo hipp og kúl fallegu konur :)

Anonymous said...

Tú ert hipp og kúl og falleg

Anonymous said...

so faaaaab ..
Just love this blog :)