Friday, October 23, 2009

AvA Ballerina Bag

2 weeks ago, we had a fab photoshoot at Gefarlich in Copenhagen, we will post some pics here on the blog soon, but until we do you can check out ITorfas Flickr:

we took some photos of me and Thóra with the AvA Ballerina Bag...
I love it!!
It is different and biiig! loads of space for all my shit!!
what do you think?

The Ballerina bag is a handmade bag, made out of dry cotton and tulle, the lining is white!
Every bag is special and limited edition, since I'm doing this by hand ;)
I take colour requests, but all design details in the front pattern are a surprice and you have to just count on me :)
the price is 800 dkk, but the price can vary depending on the design and details...


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